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          Letoptech offers a variety of part decorating oLetoptechons that include single or multiple hit pad-printing, high quality laser marking, shielding and painting. Shielding and first surface painting are offered as a managed service.

          Letoptech does assembly and sub assembly operations. We are set up for low volume, labor-oriented and product assembly. Also accommodate moderate to higher volume assemblies. Whether your product needs are contract manufacturing  or custom packaging.

          We assign a program manager to all customer projects. The program manager reports to the senior management of Letoptech and manages all day-to-day activities and correspondence to the appropriate customer. Project management reporting follows various customer specific formats, including Microsoft Project reports that are updated on a weekly basis. The program manager is assigned to the project from the onset, through successful production launch, and remains the point person for all post production questions, dialogue or changes, should they occur. Weekly conference call updates are also a common approach with communication.

          Letoptech focuses on aggressive lead times and high-quality manufacturing services, while maintaining international standard compliances. All services, from design through manufacturing are completed in house and contribute to competitive advantages in cost, quality and delivery.

          Our machine capabilities cover a range from 12-ton to 750-ton clamping forces and shot sizes from .33 to 98 ounces.

          Letoptech’s in house tooling and up front design for manufacturing support market-entry low-volume plastic injection molding and production from tooling that can be validated. We address each customer’s unique requirements, while remaining competitive in cost and delivery. Our assembly and value add secondary operations  provide a one-stop solution for customers.

          Letoptech encourages any customer that has a project under the management team of Letoptech to be present if they desire. However, it is not necessary to be present to assure your project meets its most aggressive plans on introducing your product to market rapidly. Whether your needs are low, moderate, or high volume, Letoptech welcomes all customers to our facility during the entire build phase or any segment through the project. To accommodate your visit, Letoptech provides engaging collaboration areas where you can meet with our team when needed, or use this creative space as a private office.

          98% of all molds are built in Letoptech's state-of-the-art tool room, which has over 45 highly skilled tool makers on staff.

          Letoptech has a variety of custom compounders that will custom-blend small quantities of material, from 10 lbs. up to 10,000 lbs. Custom-color materials in small quantities, for the obvious reasons, will be more costly than higher volume custom-color purchases. Letoptech can also offer a group of standard colors for customers who have some flexibility in color choices and could pick from a color spectrum of over 200 standard colors available.