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          There's a science to being a highly productive plastics company.

          We combine scientific molding practices with RJG technology to establish and follow the most robust injection molding process possible. LetopTech is a proud certified RJG mold builder and tryout facility.  

          Manufacturing Capabilities
          • Low Volume Manufacturing

          • High Volume Manufacturing

          • Contract Manufacturing

          • Assembly

          • Part Decorating

          • Automation

          • 51 Injection Molding Machines

            • 35 - 750 ton

            • .088 oz. to 96 oz. Shot Capacity

          • High Temperature Molding Cell

          • Insert Molding and Over Molding

          • ISO Class 8 Cleanroom for Molding & Assembly

          Our state-of-the-art facility offers the latest technology and processes available for the injection-molding industry. From centralized raw material handling systems to technologically advanced closed-loop injection-molding machines, our process engineers and molding technicians are experienced and well versed in all grades of thermoplastic resins.

          Following capability studies on each component, all molding processes adhere to strict controlled setup procedures with predetermined guidelines to ensure repeatability on any project or any daily product line, whether it’s a low-volume or high-volume part run.