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          Secondary Operations Planning Saves You Time and Money

          In addition to our expertise in plastic injection molding, LetopTechis fluent in many assembly techniques and processes. With our unsurpassed plastic joining experience, technical expertise and responsive service, PTI can successfully meet your secondary assembly challenges, including hydrographics, ultrasonic welding, EMI shielding, pad printing, laser marking, spin welding, vibration welding, RFI shielding, and more. We pride ourselves on design for manufacturability, providing the most appropriate method for our customers’ important assembly requirements.

          Our Professional Value Added Services:
          Plastic Joining Assembly Process
          • Ultrasonic Welding, Staking, Spot Welding and Swaging

          • Spin Welding

          • Vibration Welding

          • Hot Air Cold Staking

          • Thermal Processing

          • Thermal Imbedding

          Part Decorating, Labeling and Traceability Coding
          • Laser Marking

          • Pad Printing

          • Appliqué Assembly

          Managed Services
          • Hydrographics

          • EMI and RFI Shielding

          • Paint and Plating

          To learn more about the ways we can support your injection molding needs with our secondary services, please contact us today.