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          Reliable medical equipment can often spell life or death, and we take that responsibility very seriously.

          LetopTech Engineered Plastics provides medical device manufacturers with full-service advanced product development delivered in a compressed timeframe. With superior design for manufacturability, tooling, and molding capabilities, LetopTech turns product visions into reality and gets your product to market first.

          We have been serving the medical industry for more than 30 years, specializing in handling complex, multi-part programs and medical device molding for a variety of customers. Our direct contact with doctors and other medical professionals gives us insight into their needs and helps define and assist with final product solutions.

          Our medical plastic injection molding capabilities include:

          • Medical Device Design Development and Assistance

          • Design for Manufacturability

          • Medical Device Molding

          • Cleanroom Molding and Assembly, Class 8

          • ISO 13485 Registered and Compliant

          • FDA Registered

          • RJG Certified Mold Builder and Tryout Facility

          • Cavity Pressure Sensing and Scientific Injection Molding