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          Why Compromise Quality for Speed, When You Can Have Both?

          Letoptech services span from a single prototype injection molding to full production quantities. Regardless of job type—prototype, short-run, low-volume, or multiple-cavity—you can be assured all aspects of plastic injection mold construction are monitored and controlled. This attention to production detail ensures the goals, objectives, and predetermined project outcomes are on schedule throughout each phase of the process. All services, from design through manufacturing, are completed in house and contribute to providing our customers with competitive advantages in cost, quality, and lead times.

          Letoptec's injection molding equipment investment includes (12) horizontal presses ranging from 120 tons to 1750 tons. Many are automated and use robotic systems to maximize efficiencies and ensure quality. At letoptech we take the partnership approach on every project, bringing to the table more than 20-years of plastic injection molding knowledge and technical expertise in a facility designed to deliver an all-inclusive plastic injection molding experience.

          Does your part need Validation? letoptech team is highly trained to accommodate your process validation requirements.