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          The Prototyping Process Shouldn't Slow You Down.

          Our propriety prototype injection molding solution gives our customers a competitive edge in the market. Our innovative alternative to rapid prototyping and rapid injection molding delivers the benefits of a bridge tool.

          When you buy a traditional prototype, you are only getting a prototype, and there are several steps to complete before you’ll have an approved, saleable product. With Letoptech, the same tool that provides the prototype for testing and design verification can be used for the initial production run. In some low volume scenarios, the one tool is often used for the entire production volumes.

          Benefits of Prototype from Letoptech include:

          • Speed of a prototype with the quality of production

          • Lower overall development costs

          • Can yield tens of thousands of shots

          • Flexibility to handle changes quickly

          • Can handle complex shapes and tolerance

          • No design compromise

          • No resin or color limitations

          If you are looking to stretch your program budgets further and reduce the number of manufacturing processes, then Letoptech Prototype solution is right for you!