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          Our foundation was built on simple to complex low volume plastic injection molding.

          At Letoptech, we believe that there’s an advantage and need for low volume molding; as not every product requires a high volume of plastic parts. In 2008, we structured our manufacturing operations to specialize in complex low (to high) volume plastic injection molding, and it remains the core of our business — delivering with the same precision and price advantages of a high volume production mold.

          Advantages of Low Volume Plastic Injection Molding:

          • Mold Cost: Low volume molds are generally cut from a high-quality grade of aluminum, which is easier to machine and modify than hardened steel.

          • New Product Launches: Requires only a modest investment, which enables the product to get to market quicker. Also, limits monetary loss if a product is not successful in the marketplace.

          • Technology: Low Volume tools may be more feasible if you anticipate a short product life.

          • Low Volume Requirement: Many times, only a few thousand parts are needed to meet the needs of the entire production run.

          At Letoptech, our Low-Volume-Production (LVP) molding program offers the latest in injection-molding equipment, beginning with our prototype injection molding lab, which uses the latest in electric injection molding machines with closed-loop processing, and automated material handling systems.

          High Volume Molding

          Letoptech capabilities also allow for higher volume production runs. Please feel free to  contact  our sales department for pricing.