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          Reduce Secondary Operations with Insert Molding

          Saving time and saving money are vital keys to growing your business and your profits. Letoptech’s insert molding does both. This method is a precision molding process that feeds resin into a heated barrel where it is then mixed and injected into a mold cavity that features a pre-placed insert where the resin cools and hardens.

          Insert molding streamlines production and helps eliminate the need for additional secondary operations, making it faster and cheaper to produce a finished complex product.

          Some additional advantages of insert molding:

          • Consistency: Inserts add part consistency by eliminating operator error.

          • Stability: Inserts increase part functionality, stability and strength.

          • Reduce size & weight: With the combination of the strength of the polymer and the metal insert, the insert molding process produces a smaller and lighter component.

          • Design flexibility: Insert molding offers industrial designers a host of options.

          Contact our experienced team to help walk you through the process and determine if Insert Molding is the right fit for your next project.